1 st scientific day entitled Pink October

Since 1985, an annual international health campaign has been organized to raise awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of Breast Cancer.

In order to introduce its future graduates to this culture and to establish it in the traditions of the establishment, UPSAT, Private Faculty specializing in Health Sciences, took the initiative to organize its 1st Scientific Day entitled “OCTOBER ROSE ”with the support of Professor Catherine DZIRI Head of Service in Physical Medicine and Functional Rehabilitation.

The seminar started with a conference on Epidemiology and the National Program for the Cancer of the Woman given and animated by Dr Mounira NABLI, Consultant to the WHO. Breast Cancer is statistically the first cancer in women. The average age of diagnosis is 45 years.

Dr BOUDAYA Fethia Associate Professor in Gynecology at the Center of Maternity and Neonatology of Tunis, also participated in this day; his communication focused on “Breast Cancer Screening”. Ms. Ahlem BEN AYECHI, ​​President of the Scientific Committee of the National Association of Young Midwives, shed additional light on the role of the midwife in early diagnosis.

This meeting was also an opportunity to address, thanks to Pr Catherine DZIRI, the importance of lymphatic drainage and physical activity after breast surgery, which generate so many benefits for a minimum of constraints.

The program of the day was enriched by the conference of Professor Rabâa JOMLI, Psychiatrist at Razi Hospital, which dealt with the Psychological Support of a Woman suffering from Breast Cancer.

Study day on medical care for the elderly

The Faculty of Health Sciences in Tunisia UPSAT member of the honoris network, welcomed health specialists in order to explain the concepts of gerontology and geriatrics. It was also an opportunity to present to the students of the final classes the consequences of aging and the different aspects of this thematic in order to allow future graduates a better understanding of the nutritional aspects and to lead them to reflect on the appropriate approaches to care. medical care for the elderly and approaches to preventing visual and locomotor disorders in the elderly.

The epidemiological approach, health problems and national programs dedicated to the elderly were discussed by Doctor Catherine DZIRI, Professor of Physical Medicine and Functional Rehabilitation.

Pr Catherine DZIRI, also underlined the importance of adapted physical activity, both as a complement to physiotherapy and occupational therapy as a means of preventing loss of autonomy linked to advancing age.

Mrs. Douja Sonia ABDELMOULA presented visual alterations and disturbances in the elderly and methods of their prevention.

The conference of Pr Leila Alouane, President of the Alzheimer Association Tunisia, gave the opportunity to future graduates to better understand their role in the nutritional management of people with Alzheimer’s, the main cause of dementia in the elderly.

In addition, Pr. Ag Rym MAAOUI, in collaboration with Pr. Hager RAHALI, highlighted the precious role of the care staff; she particularly emphasized the mission of the nurse, who is called upon to act in a particular field and to be able to assess and manage elderly patients.

The day was closed with a panel discussion which allowed the audience to appreciate the contributions that older people make to society.