Bachelor’s degree* program  in Tunis and Sousse

180 ECTS credits

Internships provided for 100%

        of students

3 years of studies

16 years of training expertise

+560 graduates


UPSAT offers its 3rd year students further training at the Faculty’s premises by a team of specialists in marketing, sales techniques, optical store management, optical glass and machine innovations as well as practical work on these machines.

Job Description

By virtue of his training, the optician- eyewear manufacturer has multiple skills. He is a vision specialist scientifically trained in contact lenses and optometry to interpret and translate the prescriptions of the ophthalmologist into a visual aid to correct vision defects or deficiencies.

The mastery of his art and his initiation to marketing and communication techniques allow him to advise and guide the patient in his choices so as to find the product that best suits him, according to aesthetic, technical and financial criteria: thinned, bifocal, anti-reflective glasses, with a light frame… or contact lenses.

He is also a company manager who must be attentive to his customers, understand their expectations and offer them frames that match their tastes. Since glasses are also a fashion accessory, he must be on the lookout for trends.

The Optician is also a technician; he ensures the maintenance of the frames and makes the necessary adjustments and trimmings to ensure the comfort of his customers.

In his store, the Optician is also responsible for managing stocks and often a team of employees.

The optician must have the qualities of a good manager; he must be warm, sociable, organized and methodical.

Professional Prospects

Young opticians have no trouble finding a job. After several years of experience, an optician can, if he has funds and the required qualifications in accounting and management, open his own shop.

Free practice:

Equipped with the know-how acquired during his training, a young optician can launch his own project as:

· Optician- eyewear manufacturer

· Optician Contactologist

· Optician optometrist

· Eyewear wholesaler

*Tunisian Licence: 3 years of graduate studies

As an employee :

  • Senior technician in an ophthalmology department
  • Superior technician in an optical chain

Admission Requirements

  •  Holders of a Baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma are admitted to the first year of the Bachelor’s degree course.
  • Students who have completed respectively one or two years of graduate studies in the same or in related specialties are admitted to the 2nd or 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree course.
  • Admission to the 3rd year is also based on academic record for holders of a higher technician diploma (DEST, DUT) or a diploma attesting to undergraduate studies (DEUPC) in the specialty or related specialties.


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