Bachelor’s degree 

course conducted in Tunis

Number of credits: ECTS 180

Internships provided for 100% of students

3 years of graduate studies

9  years of training expertise

94 Diplômes Tunis


  • UPSAT exclusivity: UPSAT is the only university establishment in Tunisia that trains orthoptists The best internship sites in Tunisia (HEDI Raïes Institute, Military Hospital of Tunis, ophthalmology department of the Cartagena Clinic, lazer and ophthalmological exploration center of Tunis, Ibn ZOHR Ophthalmology Clinic


The orthoptist is a specialist in vision balance providing, on medical prescription, visual rehabilitation in low vision and treatment of binocular vision disorders such as oculomotor imbalances and neurosensory deficiencies.

Through appropriate rehabilitation techniques based primarily on ocular gymnastics, the orthoptist, whose task extends from the child to the elderly, is able to remedy convergence and deficiency problems and restore good visual comfort to his patients.

The orthoptist also participates in exploration and screening procedures.


  • Private orthoptist rehabilitator
  • Salaried or part-time orthoptist in a specialized department or clinic


  • Holders of a Baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma are admitted to the first year of the Bachelor’s degree course.
  • Students who have completed respectively one or two years of graduate studies in the same or in related specialties are admitted to the 2nd or 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree course.
  • Admission to the 3rd year is also based on academic record for holders of a higher technician diploma (DEST, DUT) or a diploma attesting to undergraduate studies (DEUPC) in the specialty or related specialties.
  • In addition to the conditions facilitating learning, such as reduced enrollment, an exceptional supervision rate ranging, depending on the specialty, from 2 to 3 students per teacher, the qualification and retention of teaching teams, practical work sessions at Honoris Simulation Center, choice internship sites thanks to a wide range of partnerships, insurance covering all university vacations and opening the possibility and right for students to additional internships, each of the specialties offers specific advantages.


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