COVID-19 UPSAT Statement Update

17 Mar 2020

COVID-19 UPSAT Statement 

UPSAT is closely monitoring internationaldevelopments surrounding the coronavirus health crisis(COVID-19), which has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization 

Each member institution has been adhering to the guidancefrom their respective authorities and from national directives (e.g., Ministries of HealthMinistries of Education, Labor Departments, etc.), in addition to the advice from relevant authorities around the world. A Contingency Committee has been constituted in each of the network’s institutions, comprising functional leaders and experts in the communitiesThese committees are leading various measures to protect the health and the safety of our students, staff and faculty. They are foremost advocating awareness and safety by having these communities informed via regular posts and information disseminated via each institution’sofficial communication channels, online and offline. Within the network, all students have had access to the ongoing status and the spread of COVID-19 worldwide and its impact on human healthNecessary measures and sanitary precautions required to avoid contamination have been put in place. Awareness sessions–both physical and digital-are taking place and these include seminars for studentsfaculty and staff. 

Through its network and relationshipsUPSAT has strong expertise and access to distance and online learningthese will form the basis for studies to continue in the most appropriate form for a great many of our students as the situations merit. 

At the current time: 

  • All educational institutions in have been instructed to closeby the local authorities as of March 12 (two days ahead of the regularly scheduled spring break), until further notice. 
  • The leadership teams in Tunisia are working to prepare continuation of studies, per the above plans, in coordination with, and per the indications of the local authorities. 

Of note, at this point, there are no reported cases of the coronavirus at Honoris,including students, staff and faculty. 

The Upsat website will be continuously updated.