Why choose UPSAT

Choose UPSAT

1 Accredited and recognized diplomas

UPSAT is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and by the Ministry of Health. It has adopted the BMD system since the beginning of the 2010 school year. UPSAT selects its students from amongholders of the Baccalaureate diploma and the diplomas it awards are recognized on an equivalent basis.

2 Opening up internationally

In joining Honoris, the first pan-African network of private universities, UPSAT is taking on an international dimension that grants it the means to maintain its focus on excellence. 

3 Skills-based training

Our aim is to enable young graduates to settle quickly into active life and easily join the health care system. 

4 Qualified and attentive administive team

Academics and experts with a proven track record in higher education and health. Their mission is to assistadvise and support students throughout their studies.

5 Qualified teaching staff

Our institutions rely on a teaching staff comprising a majority of university hospital professors, including heads of departments in the provided specialties. Experienced paramedical professionals bring their experience and practical know-how to prepare graduates for the socio-professional environment. 

6 Modern and adapted facilities

UPSAT offers its students a modern infrastructure, equipped with technological means and specialized laboratories that promote collective and collaborative intelligence. 

7 The unique Medical Simulation Center In Africa

The Honoris network’s Medical Simulation Center is equipped with technologies that allow for almost real-world scenarios. 

8 Close support during internships

Our students receive early professional internships in University Hospital Centers and clinics that are bound to our institutions by agreements. 

9 A rewarding experience

A rich program of intra- and extramural activities complements the official programs. This program includes visits, workshops, training days, information days, seminars and study tours. 

10 Success rates exceeding 95%

Annual success and graduation rates exceed 95% of the registered students.