Principal’s Message

Misons sur la qualité,
gagnons l’avenir ensemble ”

This commitment to quality is achieved by constantly adapting our objectiveschoices and teaching approaches. 

  • We offer a comprehensive paramedical training based on practical learning and fundamental knowledge through taking advantage of the synergy between an active and competent medical and paramedical team. 
  • In logic of openness to the professional environment, UPSAT is constantly developing new partnerships. 
  • We consolidate the know-how, the knowing-how-to-be of our students through regular learning sessions on high-fidelity mannequins at the Medical Simulation Center, the only one of its kind in Africa. 
  • Our training courses provide students with solid skills, integration and synthesis abilities that facilitate their easy integration into the professional environment. 
  • Conscients que la dimension internationale est devenue incontournable, nous avons intégré le réseau universitaire panafricain Honoris, tout en gardant notre identité et notre empreinte.
  • We support our students to enable them to perform internships abroad and open up to other cultures to enhance their academic background. 

We continuously and as much as possible strive to guarantee the employability of our graduates, through:

  • Promising paths in line with the needs of the labour market
  • High performance educational and didactic equipment.
  • Selected academics & practitioners
  • A variety of internship opportunities
  • Demanding courses that are open to the evolution of practices
  • Opportunities to integrate other specialties or university degrees in Tunisia and abroad

Deeply steeped in a school culture, UPSAT is constantly striving for quality in terms of organization, service delivery, welcoming and listening to students as well as smooth flow and availability of information. 

This work, which we have been performing for years, is still bearing its fruitsThanks to the trust of our students and teachers we are pursuing our development while remaining aware of our responsibility. 

We welcome you and invite you to browse our site to learn more about UPSAT.”